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MBM 4000
HF Pulse bonding

It is a manual bonding machine designed for the prototyping and small series that allows
high precision and high technology in bonding with a very limited investment.
The machine puts no technological limits to the kind of boards you need to bond.
Driven by a touch screen monitor, it can easily be adapted to any kind of lay up. The highest registration accuracy is obtained by means
of the same lay up table of the bigger models with 2 or 4 registration pins.

Tutte le teste sono controllate individualmente.
La MBM4000 utilizza la tecnologia HF Pulse bonding sviluppata dalla Piergiacomi. Questa tecnologia permette la saldatura di pacchetti
con spessore superiore a 15 mm in maniera molto veloce e con un consumo energetico minimo.




Technical features Mbm 4000
Maximum panel dimensions: 762x610mm
Minimum panel dimensions: 300x250mm
Maximum book thickness: 10mm (15 optional)
Number of welding points: 4
Welding technology: HFPB
Control: Industrial PC + Touch screen
Registration: 2 to 4 pins
Power: 230V 50Hz 500W
Dimensions: 92x95x147cm
Weight: 160kg
(CE) marked 

Brochure download

Brochure download