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STR 50      

STR 50: Special tool designed to cut both straigth and angled PIN STRIP.
The adjustable blade allows to set different strip pitch (min. 3 mm - max. 50 mm)
Cutting blade for angled pin strip included.
It is possible to customize  the adjustable blade's length. Steel thickness 5mm.

ESD-safe handles version available

Order codeESD codeLength (mm)Cutting force (kg)Weight (gr)Pitch adjustement (mm)
STR 50STR 50 D1506100min 3 - max50
STR 50 K     

STR 50K: Kit for STR 50. The STR50 if requested can be supplied together with a special kit useful for the general replacement of all parts subject at wear. 


Inside the kit: Adjustable blade; Fixed blade; Knob; Cutting blade; Fixing screw; Screwdriver; Plastic tool for blade adjustment;