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The cutting concept for Piergiacomi cutters:      

Piergiacomi hand tools, are professional stamped tools made by a special carbon steel, they are subjected to thermic treatment in a controlled environment. Furthermore, the special phosphate anti-reflection treatment ensures an accurate view of the work involved. The two parts of the tools are joined by carefully grounded holes and surfaces, enabling precise movement.

Superimposition of blades:      

Piergiacomi cutting tools differ from others for the gentleness of their cut with proved to be very accurate and for which less force is needed. In fact Piergiacomi tools blades, differently from other common tools, are superimposed, using the same cutting concept of shears. This method of cut, brings few advantages: 1) using common tools having parallel blades, during the cutting process, the wire is pushed towards its centre (FIG A), leaving the surface not perfectly smooth. On the contrary, Piergiacomi blades, slide gently on the wire which appears sliced and not subjected to excessive mechanical stress. The result is shown in FIG B. 2) This kind of “shears cut”, using blades which are slightly superimposed and therefore not exerting any particular mechanical stress on the wire, needs a lower force compared to the one needed to cut with other common tools, causing less tiredness for the operator.

Return spring:      

All Piergiacomi tools, are supplied with a patented return spring, which was designed to keep constant the cutting force needed, decreasing in this way the operator effort. The saving of force is shown in FIG C:

Safety clip:      

For most of our tools, it is furthermore possible to mount one of the two patented safety clips which will avoid the residual part of the cut wire to fly away and eliminating risks for the operator’s eyes..