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SBM 1000      
Multilayer system registration

This machine has been designed and realized to make easier the preparation of printed circuit board multilayers increasing the bonding speed and, at the same time, reducing energy consumption.
The new technology along with a smart control of the energy applied to the MLB drastically reduces the bonding time while minimizing the consumption of power. In comparison with all the other bonding machines thermic or inductive SBM1000 can reduce the energy consumption of up to 80%.
• Bonding speed increased up to 100%
• Reduced bonding area for the maximum use of the boards
• No special patterns are required on the inner layers
• High energy saving up to 80%
• Smart energy control by PC through: - an easy generation of power profiles by the welding heads - easy job manager containing all job parameters and profiles for a quick job set up - servo drivers
• number of welding heads SEH ranging from 8 to 16 according to the customer requirements • it is possible to design and realize special machines having welding heads located on any position on the plane, not only on the main axes (rigid flex pcb)
• welding heads acting only on the upper face of the circuit
• monophase power supply at 230Vac 50 Hz
The Smartbonding software controls all welding heads parameters. In particular it manages their power moment by moment using the best power profile optimizing and reducing to a minimum bonding time.



Advantages of spot welding on the registration process

Compared to other registration systems, spot welding present few advantages:
• INCREASED PRESS CAPACITY: It is possible to introduce in the press an high number of books. In other systems, such as for example, fixture pin method, the number of books that can be inserted in the press is conditioned by pin lenght. In spot welding, on the contrary, the limit is only given by the heat transfer speed, by the number of layers and by the type of pre-preg.
• NO MECHANICAL STRAIN: Welded books are not subject to mechanical strain.
• NO RISK OF DAMAGING THE PRESS: Beeing the book welded, there is no risk of damaging separation panels between books during the lamination process, like it could happen using rivets.
• EXTREMELY CLEAN: Spot welding, is a very clean registration process. For instance, it does not have the inconvenience of gaps around the pins which allow pre-preg resin to melt through holes.
• IDEAL BOOK THICKNESS: Spot welding assures an optimum thickness of book thanks to the heated bits positioning method.
• EASY MANIPOLATION OF BOOKS: Soldering joints makes the book rigid, stable, light and very easy to handle for following lamination process.
• LESS EXPENSIVE: the spot welding system is surely less expensive compared to a holes drilling and riveting systems. Furthermore, thanks to the monophase 230 Vac power supply, the SBM 1000 allows a really important energy saving.
• FASTER: the SBM 1000 normally needs less than 2 minutes for a job set up, therefore changing job is really fast. Furthermore it is possible to weld more than one book with the same welding cycle.
• NO MAINTENANCE: The only maintanance needed is to keep the machine clean (no bits replacement or lubrication needed).
• HIGHER RELIABILITY: Thanks to its simple mechanism and to the high quality materials used for its construction, the SBM 1000 gives an higher reliability of functioning compared to other traditional systems.

SBM 1000 and DAL 10

La SBM 1000 can be supplied together with semi-automatic layers dispenser DAL 10.


This equipment has been designed and realized to facilitate a correct superimposition of the different circuit layers and pre-preg sheets on the registration machines (SBM1000, AMM10 and AMM20). The functioning is very simple: DAL 10 is constituted by drawers which store the layers used during the assembly process. A simple programming allows the operator to set the correct drawers’ opening sequence in order to have the material ready for the positioning phase in the succession required.

Technical featuresSbm 1000
Soldered steel structure and sheet steel chassis  
Aluminium tables with resin parts   
Table movement driven by pneumatic cylinder featuring a safety circuit  
Adjustment of bits’ distance by means of step motors controlled by PC  
Circuit extraction from pins by means of a pneumatic system extraction automatically activated at the end of the cycle  
Layers book blocking by a pressing table actioned by a piston with adjustable pressure  
Electrovalves and sensors driven by PLC and PC  
Number of soldering points (each side) 6
Welded area 8 x 30 mm
Maximum circuit dimension 762x610 mm
Minimum inner dimension 300x250 mm
Maximum soldering thickness 10 mm
Cycle time for a six layers circuit (it usually depends on the number of layers and their thickness) 30 sec
New job set up time needed<2min
Number of pre-set temperature and cycle time sets  > 1000
Supply voltage (monophase) 230Vac 50 Hz
Power supply consumption <1 kW
Compressed air supply pressure 0.6-0.7 Mpa
Air consumption<30 Nl/min
Weight 450 Kg
Machine dimensions 2.4 x 1.2 x 1.35 m
Working area 3.5 x 2 m
CE Approved 

Brochure download

Brochure download