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Piergiacomi Sud, since more than 30 years, with its “Piergiacomi Quality Handtools” business line, is a leading company in the manufacture of hand tools, in shearing, in electronics and in parts, in the electro-technical field. In fact, no other manufacturer has a range of tools as wide as Piergiacomi's: more than 400 hundred different types of tools, well known and sought after by the industrial electronics market worldwide. All our products are entirely conceived, designed and manufactured in Italy at our plant of Ascoli Piceno.

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Last news

New manual tool for the pin strip cut STR 50: Designed for the cut of angled and straight PIN STRIP .
TC14   New cable cutters TC14 - TC18: Designed for the cut of electric cables
DPF200  New depaneling system: DPF 200 when an hand tool it is in not enough
iconasma10   New scoring system: SMA 10 depaneling system for V-scoring boards
New depaneling system: DPA 500 new automatic system
icods2500   New solder dispenser DS 2500: solder dispenser with hand tools holder
CSP309TESTA   New shears and wire stripper CSP 30/9: multi-use tool shears, multi holes wire stripper and pliers
esdtwez   ESD tweezers: order codes available 0, 00, 00D, 1, 2, 2A, 3, 3C, 5, 7, 7A, AA, s
Productronica 2017 14-17 NOVEMBRE: hand tools A4 219 - machines B3 467

Piergiacomi is able to design and develop custom products for specific tasks.


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