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SMA 10            
depaneling machine for V-scoring boards
SMA10 is a machine designed to separate Printed Circuit Boards previously scored. It works either on traditional materials like FR4 as well as on Aluminium substrates (MCPCB). Thanks to its unique design , SMA10 can depanel both short and long boards bare or populated. In this last case the maximum component heigth is 32 mm.
The alignement system allows three degrees of regulation. The first regulation is the heigth of the reference plan in relation to the cutting tool. This is achieved by a scaled knob. Then a sharp guide allows to easily position the scored line aligned with the cutting tool and finally a mechanical reference assures the correct positioning of the panel. The sharp guide can be easily adjusted to compensate different scoring depth. After the separation, the separated panel remains on a different plane also adjustable in height to allow a good positioning even in case of panels with components on both sides. The cutting tools have a diameter of 125 mm and the lower tool is motorized with controlled speed adjustable from 0 to 100 rpm. The upper tool can be controlled in height, thus controlling the distance from the lower tool and adapt to different material thicknesses.
Technical specifications Sma 100
Two circular tools              Ø125 mm
motorized lower tool with adjustable speed from 0 to 120 rpm
working plane size 1000x250mm
unloading plane size 200x400mm
working plane heigth adjustment from 0 to 17mm
suggested panel size 900x350mm
maximum components height for populated boards 32 mm
 power supply 230V
machine size 1033x574x484mm
weigth 83Kg
CE approved  

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