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DPA 500  
DPA500 is an automatic machine for the PCBs separation. Using an end mill this machine is able to cut isthmus that keep anchored the printed circuit to the board on which it has been realized. Cuts can be made in any direction and with linear or circular paths. It has 500x500mm table for the loading/unloading of circuits. Having just one work drawer makes the DPA500 much more compact, small sized and obviously low cost. The user friendly software allows the operator to manage in a short time and in Windows environment each programming phase. Through a self learning process performed by a camera and a geometric balance, the machine can correct errors on the board. Piergiacomi is also able to customize part of the software according to particular work phases that the customer needs to manage better. With an appropriate software, the machine is able to realize the drilling of the pins masks for repetitive jobs, making the customer completely independent for their production..
Work area: 500x500x50 mm
PCB dimensions: 500x500 mm
PCB thickness: from 0.8 to 6 mm
Axes control X,Y,Z: interpolation on the 3 axes with brushless motors.
Vacuum speed: 1000 mm/s for each axis
Work speed: 50 mm/s
Max cutting force: 100 N
Positioning precision: 0.03 mm
Repeatability: 0.02 mm
Cutter diameter: from 1 to 3 mm
Spindle speed: from 10000 to 29000 r/pm
Tool replacement: manual
Power: 230 V
Power consumption: <1200 W
Steel body structure
Vacuum system predisposition
Weight: 120 kg
 Dimensions: 900x1000x750 mm
CE mark
Table for machine standing with integrated vacuum system weight 95 Kg
Support table
Vacuum system
Customized vacuum system heads
Interchangeable PCB support
Holding boards masks
CAD or Gerber file programming
Custom software
LBar code or matrix reading
Os: Windows8 or higher
Self learning: by camera
User management: operator and administrator
Customized work parameters
Vision system for an automatic isthmus position identification