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Last news

New manual tool for the pin strip cut STR 50: Designed for the cut of angled and straight PIN STRIP .
TC14   New cable cutters TC14 - TC18: Designed for the cut of electric cables
DPF200  New depaneling system: DPF 200 when an hand tool it is in not enough
iconasma10   New scoring system: SMA 10 depaneling system for V-scoring boards
New depaneling system: DPA 500 new automatic system
icods2500   New solder dispenser DS 2500: solder dispenser with hand tools holder
CSP309TESTA   New shears and wire stripper CSP 30/9: multi-use tool shears, multi holes wire stripper and pliers
esdtwez   ESD tweezers: order codes available 0, 00, 00D, 1, 2, 2A, 3, 3C, 5, 7, 7A, AA, s
Productronica 2017 14-17 NOVEMBRE: hand tools A4 219 - machines B3 467

Piergiacomi is able to design and develop custom products for specific tasks.


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